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About Us

Our Mission Is Easy.  Let's Keep Them Running. Smiling, and just being dogs.


There are numerous amounts of pet rescues that take in dogs from shelters that have been abandoned due to their paralysis, hit by a car, and left to suffer on the street or in a parking lot and left all alone unable to walk.  

The mission of "Dogs Rock and Roll" is to raise awareness for the amazing pet rescues out there that don’t always have the resources to get these dogs adequate equipment and supplies.  A wheelchair for a dog supports their back legs and keeps them from dragging themselves on the ground. Thus, causing more injuries, skin abrasions, and possible infections. 

When I saw Naaji from Marley's Mutts rescue in his wheelchair something struck a chord and from there I started Dogs Rock and Roll, to give other dogs that opportunity to run and play again. Our hope is that our pet-loving friends around the world also see the amazing change in a dog when they’re able to run free again and will help us to keep these amazing pets running, playing, and smiling. 

Take a
our mission complete

LESTER. Our first dog to receive his wheels

Meet Lester. Lester is literally the first dog that "Dogs Rock and Roll" got their very first set of wheels.  He was at an amazing rescue called "Freckles and Tomcat Rescue“ When I first saw his picture, I couldn't believe what a cutie he was. However, you could see in his eyes he was just a bit broken.  He wanted to run and play and just be a dog.  Thankfully he now has that chance.


When I saw the first picture of Lester, he looked so broken. He was as cute as they come but just looked so sad. Dragging his body around while the other dogs were running and playing.  Look at him here being able to walk or roll around for the first time.  Lester is on his way to just being a dog again. Loving life and rolling around as he goes. 

Meet The Team

Jeff Riman

Founder of Dogs Rock and Roll (DRAR)

Led by his unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit, Jeff founded Dogs Rock and Roll (DRAR) while running his other company, King Kanine. King Kanine was founded in 2015 and he has been serving as the Company’s CEO ever since. While working with some of the largest rescue organizations in the world, he noticed a common phenomenon in which dogs who suffered paralysis of their legs were less likely to ever find homes and in turn euthanized. This fact was the reason for the desire to create DRAR to give these poor souls a fighting chance and another chance at life.

Jeff began his career as a Brand/Product Developer mostly in the apparel and broadcast media industries. Prior to founding King Kanine, Jeff was a Co-Owner of a popular apparel brand where he acted as the Chief Designer and Brand Manager before successfully exiting the business. Jeff received his Associates Degree in Industrial Marketing from the AIFL.

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Lynnette San Miguel
Duke and I by fence_edited_edited.jpg

Lynnette San Miguel

Chief Operating Officer

Lynnette San Miguel serves as the Chief Operating Officer and main brand liaison for King Kanine, overseeing the fulfillment, logistics, and customer service functions of the Company. Her passion for animals is one that stems from childhood. She has always stated that if she could move to Africa to save wildlife she would. The next best thing was to help Jeff manage the logistics of DRAR and be part of this incredible organization.

Lynnette has a robust background in sales, mainly in mortgages and real estate. However, prior to working with King Kanine, Lynnette managed the sales functions for a network of breeders and has a strong breed knowledge as a result. Lynnette received her Master of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of West Florida.

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