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Help me run and play again

Meet The Team

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Lynnette San Miguel

Lynnette San Miguel

Lynnette San Miguel serves as the Chief Operating Officer and main brand liaison for King Kanine, overseeing the fulfillment, logistics, and customer service functions of the Company. Her passion for animals is one that stems from childhood. She has always stated that if she could move to Africa to save wildlife she would. The next best thing was to help Jeff manage the logistics of DRAR and be part of this incredible organization.

Our Mission

Our Mission Is Easy.  Let's Keep Them Running. Smiling, and just being dogs.


There are numerous amounts of pet rescues that take in dogs from shelters that have been abandoned due to their paralysis, hit by a car, and left to suffer on the street or in a parking lot and left all alone unable to walk.  

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GIVE TODAY TO HELP disabled dogs play again


Thank you for your help!! These amazing dogs just want to run and play like any other dog. 

These are some of the awesome rescues and contributors who have helped "Dogs Rock and Roll" make a difference.

Contact us to have your rescue be part of the "Movement"

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